Fujifilm X-T4 with 16-80mm f2.8-4 R OIS WR Kit Black 4547410428049

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Camera Performance:

The X-T4 can count on the high-speed performance of the X Trans CMOS 4 sensor, which is equipped with a backlit structure and features phase detection pixels across the entire surface. Combined with a new advanced AF algorithm and the X Processor 4 engine, the camera delivers outstanding autofocus performance. The X-T4 has the ability to quickly and accurately focus in low light conditions, identify human face / eyes and track a moving subject with ease, ensuring that the decisive shot is captured.


AF 0.02 seconds

The X-T4's new AF algorithm offers an autofocus speed of up to 0.02 seconds; which is the fastest AF speed among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C size sensor.

The improved AF algorithm also allows you to capture the subject with exceptional accuracy of over 90%. This advanced AF algorithm, combined with X-Trans CMOS 4 and X Processor 4, delivers professional-grade performance in any situation.


AF tracking

AF tracking performance has been significantly improved. The new algorithm uses information about the subject's colour and shape to constantly lock and track a moving subject, maintaining precise and instant focus.


Face & Eye AF

The performance of Face / Eye AF has been updated and is now about double that of tracking people's faces and eyes when shooting in burst mode. The X-T4 captures the subject's face and eyes even as it constantly moves across the entire frame.


Low Light AF

The X-T4's AF system works down to -6.0 EV, so almost completely in the dark. The phase detection AF system is fast and accurate even in these low light conditions.


Burst shooting

The new X-T4 focal plane shutter unit uses a high-speed coreless DC motor. This enables super-fast 15fps continuous shooting in post view * 1 and 8fps continuous shooting in live view. The shutter is also 30% quieter than the X-T3, and the duration has been doubled to 300,000 shots * 2. The blackout period when using the live view burst mode has been reduced by up to 75 msec while the shutter lag is now faster and up to 0.035 seconds, ensuring instant response. When shooting with the electronic shutter, you can shoot up to 30 fps. The shutter system, combined with advanced AF performance, allows you to capture every moment, even when the subject is moving.

* 1 Fastest burst shooting with mechanical shutter among mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor (February 2020)
* 2 Based on Fujifilm internal testing.

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