Leica M3 Painted Black ALC131101

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  • repainted by Kanto Camera (Japan); this camera was ordered to have a moderate to heavy wear finish to give a nicely worn appearance similar to an ageing factory product. And what a result; this must be one of the best re-painted M3 we have come across. The attention to details is amazing; brass is showing subtly at all the expected areas, the application of an off-white paint for the scripts combines with the high quality black paint finish has given the camera a lovely patina. An old looking body with fresh new white scripts will look so out of place in our eyes. Another beautiful touch is the replacement of a black film counter dial. Although black counter appears only on early M3 black paint camera; but it's the look we want, right? The black counter does give certain appeal and uniqueness to the camera.
  • Kanto would have given the camera a general CLA (clean lubricate and adjust) and have put right anything they found necessary to. the camera is in lovely working order, all the the controls and dials perform smoothly.
  • viewfinder has some fungus on one of the inner glass; but it seems not to affect the clarity much. looking through it the viewing is very clean and clear

what does it come with:

  • generic body cap 
  • a smile on your face !!!
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