Nikon M outfit: 5cm f2, 3.5cm f3.5, 8.5cm f2, 13.5cm f4 ALC105914

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Extremely rare opportunity to acquire a very early (1949) Nikon M outfit.

This Nikon M body 609876 is from the second Nikon One production batch (6FB-2),
one of less than 200 cameras which Nikon converted to
the “new” 24x34 format and designated it “M”, presumably for modified.

This outfit comes with the original 5cm/2.0 collapsible lens (811131)
and a set of all period lenses (all type 2): 3.5cm f3.5 (910351)
with both MIOJ caps (bakelite), the 8.5cm f2 (903420) with
the right shade and MIOJ caps (bakelite) and the 13.5cm f4
again with all original caps and shade.

This very early, original and rare outfit comes with its period
Nikon Model I outfit case; and the extremely hard to obtain 1949 Instruction Booklet.

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