Cyanotype Workshop with An Ting Teng


Saturday, 23 September 2023 / Aperture Gallery 


Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic methods, using a UV-light sensitive solution and natural sunlight to create images.

During this two-hour workshop, led by the visual artist An Ting Teng, the participants were introduced to the technique of cyanotype and experienced its whole process: from preparing the photo-sensitive surface to developing prints. Following the tradition of cyanotype, we used wild plants prepared by An as primary design materials, but also further experimented using digital negative films. Some participants got very creative combining films, plants, and objects and produced some truly unique images. The results were displayed in Aperture Gallery for two weeks after the workshop.







cyanotype03 cyanotype05 cyanotype06




An Ting picture

An Ting Teng  (b. 1995, Taipei, Taiwan)

An Ting Teng is a visual artist who uses various methods including photography. She investigates unconventional materials for photographic prints through experimentation with chemistry and light. Teng collects everyday materials, both natural and man-made and elaborates them into often one-of-a-kind works of art. Her encounters with these materials generate stories that bring together elements of memory, nature, and longing. Teng’s works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions in Taiwan, UK, and the Netherlands. She also has extensive experience in leading workshops of cyanotype, sharing her knowledge, skills, and joy of this alternative photographic method with a wide range of people. Teng holds a Master’s degree in Photography from the Royal College of Art (London), and currently lives and works in London.