Fujifilm Easy Print Kiosk


You all have some nice photos on your phone or camera! Why not print and enjoy them at home or as a gift for your loved ones? With our FUJIFILM EASY PRINT KIOSK, you can get a beautiful print within just a few minutes.



  1. Go to picXpress website and upload photos from your phone or computer. (You can upload maximum 100 photos at one time.)
  2. Get the unique code, which is valid for 6 hours.
  3. Visit our in-store FUJIFILM EASY PRINT KIOSK.
  4. Chose the printing sizes and number of copies.
  5. Print them and pay at the till.


Currently, these three printing sizes are available.

8 x 8 inches (203 x 203 mm)               £4

8 x 10 inches (203 x 254 mm)             £5

8 x 12 inches (203 x 305 mm)             £6


Do you want to print your photos in a larger format? We also offer Fine Art Printing Service with different kinds of papers and sizes available up to 60 inches.