Curator's Talk: Roger George Clark "The World of Yesterday"


Wednesday, 24 January 2024 / Aperture Gallery


Dan Kirmatzis, curator of the exhibition "Roger George Clark - THE WORLD OF YESTERDAY -," discussed Clark’s photographic life, from his early influences, to his portraits of some of the most famous 20th Century photographers and other projects. He also showed the audience some contact sheets from Clark's archive as well as revealed some anecdotes. 

This talk by the close friend who was also introduced to a photographic career by Clark provided the audience with a fantastic introduction to the career and the art of the photographer Roger George Clark.

Dan Kirmatzis is a photographer and writer. In 2023 his portrait of actor André Larnyoh was selected for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Dan and Roger George Clark have been friends for many years, and more recently Dan has curated Clark’s archive including securing its long-term future as part of the Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

Dan Kirmatzis



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