Gordon Trewinnard (7), A Tree, Horse, and Cows

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Gordon Trewinnard

A Tree, Horse, and Cows

Date unknown


Gordon Trewinnard (1944-2017) was a photographer based in Richmond in south west London. He was fascinated by infrared photography and left many beautiful and surreal photographs. Many of his colour infrared photographs were taken in Richmond, turning landscapes of this affluent London suburb into something mysterious and eerie.
Trewinnard also worked for filmmakers: he travelled to various locations and took photographs of the places ahead of the arrival of the shooting teams to help them plan filming beforehand. This unique job took him to different parts of the world, and he used these opportunities to experiment with infrared photography of some of the most magnificent views in the world.



  • inkjet print on fiber-based paper
  • paper size: 765 x 557 mm
  • image size: 405 x 270 mm
  • photographer's handwritten note on recto



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